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As in almost all areas of life, the necessity of learning and adapting to the developing technology in education has started to feel the effect and it has increased the need for equipped people to serve in this field. Computer Education and Instructional Technology Department aims to educate people qualified to answer this need.


Graduates of the department can work in institutions such as information technology, educational software, web design, teaching material development in addition to primary and secondary education institutions. The Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology is a 4-year program, and the courses in the program are designed to enable students to learn basic and up-to-date software and make applications related to them, to use information technologies effectively and to gain basic knowledge and skills for the teaching profession.

Advanced in many fields

The need for individuals who are able to follow the technological developments and innovations that have left their mark on the current century and to transfer knowledge and skills to the education processes through technology is increasing. Computer Education and Instructional Technologies Department educates qualified individuals who can meet these needs with its experienced and expert staff and prepares them according to the demands of different sectors.


Our program enables students to become digital literate, learn current software and use them for the profession.


Our interdisciplinary program understanding is reflected in our double major programs and Erasmus-Exchange agreements with different faculties and departments of our university. Our students can easily find jobs and graduate from different aspects of education and other sectors, think analytically, share, learn to learn and be productive.

Our graduates work as academics, teachers, private and public managers, instructional designers, web designers, software development specialists, social media specialists, distance education coordinators, project managers, IT specialists, graphic designers and educators.


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