• Türkçe
  • English

The mission of our faculty is based on 4 foundations:


  • Faculty-school collaboration
  • Peer education


  • Teacher research
  • TUBITAK projects
  • YAP projects
  • Individual research

Equiped with Multiskills

  • Double Major and Minor
  • IB teacher certificate
  • Modular training system
  • Teaching Turkish to Foreigners


  • IB teacher certificate
  • Exchange Agreements

Our vision:

  • Researching, questioning, experimenting with what they have learned, developing critical, analytical and creative thinking skills, open to different cultures, knowing different views and practices in the field and synthesizing when necessary,
  • Follows and applies current and effective education and training approaches,
  • Supports the development of in-service and pre-service teachers and psychological counselors through strong and effective faculty-school collaborations,
  • It is to be a faculty that makes significant contributions to the improvement of quality in teacher and academician education and thus makes life-long learning a habit, is open to innovations, and educates teachers and psychological counselors representing the bright and contemporary face of our people.