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Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language Certificate Program

     14 Days / 76 Hours

     Weekdays  10:00 - 13:00

     Yeditepe University - 26 Ağustos Yerleşimi

Purpose of Training

The purpose of Yeditepe University Faculty of Education, School of Foreign Languages and Continuing Education Center’s joint project; Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language Certificate Program, is to help develop competence through giving theoretical and practical information about teaching Turkish as a foreign language.

Who Can Apply

To be graduated from/a senior student of a university language teaching department (Turkish or foreign languages); to be graduated from/a senior student of a university language and literature department; to be graduated from/a senior student of a university linguistics department. To be an Elementary Teacher education department graduate/senior student, Modern Turkish Dialects department graduate/senior student.

*Turkish Language Teaching,

* Turkish Language and Literature Teaching,

* Turkish Language and Literature,

* Modern Turkish Dialects,

* Linguistics,

* Elementary Teacher Education

* All foreign language / foreign language teaching departments

For senior students of Yeditepe University, 25% discount will be applied; for graduate students of Yeditepe University, 20% discount will be applied.

Content of Training

Theoretical Lectures

In a one month period of intensive training, the applicants will attend 5 days of theoretical lecture in the first week and 3 day/3 hour theoretical lectures in the remaining three weeks (Weeks 2, 3 and 4). Theoretical lectures last for 42 hours in the span of 4 weeks.

Classroom Observations

The applicants observe classes comprised of foreign students of Yeditepe University School of Foreign Languages, which fit the standards of the School of Foreign Languages, for 4 weeks. Classroom observations last for a total of 32 hours.


Sample Lectures

Each applicant, after the 3rd week of training; will teach a pre-determined subject with materials of their own. This lecture can last either 2 or 4 hours. (In the event, if the supervising teacher deems it necessary, the lecture can take up to 4 hours.) This lecture will be evaluated and documented by the supervising teachers.

The theoretical lectures take place between 10.00 and 13.00. The time and date of the practice teachings will be determined by the School of Foreign Languages.

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