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Our book entitled "Information Technologies: Theoretical Approach and Applications" (Editors: Head of Computer and Instructional Technologies Education Department Dr. Servet Bayram and department lecturers Assoc. Dr. Gonca Kızılkaya Cumaoğlu and Dr. Inst. İlknur Kuşbeyzi Aybar ) has been published. This book has been arranged to describe the new paradigms taking shape in the “cloud”, their infrastructure and fundamental dynamics, especially for teacher candidates. We believe that this study will be a beneficial educational resource for those who require to study in the field of "Information Technologies" as a whole, aside from the teacher candidates.

"On the one hand, robots, artificial intelligence, 3D printers; on the other hand, extracting and organizing giant data stacks with data analysis and storing the data in the cloud… The digital age surprisingly shapes and transforms the values ​​of today and our future. We see that many professions have been reshaped, the value of new professions directly related to informatics and technology has been increasing day by day, and the professions of the future have been shaped in this context.
The definitions such as Germany-origin Industry 4.0 and Japan-based Society 5.0 approaches, Education 4.0, Internet 4.0 and Web 5.0 are the new paradigms and expansions that we have heard popular today. These new concepts are new values ​​that need to be recognized globally. These new values ​​produce new expectations and new markets. It is undoubtedly the teachers who will adequately describe the scope, meaning, and value of these populist concepts expressed in digital transformation."