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Goal, Scope, Basis and Definitions

ARTICLE 1- The purpose of this Directive is to establish the principles and procedures regarding the Pedagogical Formation Certificate Program at Yeditepe University. It addresses the applicants who are continuing their higher education programs, who graduated from the higher education institutions or the equivalence of the programs in the annex of said decision on the annex made by the Board of Education and Training on 20.02.2014 that is approved by the Board.
ARTICLE 2- This Directive covers the academic, administrative, and financial aspects of the opening and implementing the Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program at Yeditepe University, which is approved by the Council of Higher Education.
ARTICLE 3- This Directive covers the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Pedagogical Formation Certificate Program of the Higher Education Institution, the decisions taken at the meeting of the Council of Higher Education dated 18.11.2015 (Article no. 64962 dated 25.11.2015 sent to the Rectorate of Yeditepe University) and the Teaching Practice of Candidates in the Education Institutions that are under the collaboration between the Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of National Education.
ARTICLE 4- In this Directive;
a) Candidate: Students and graduates of related undergraduate programs applying to pedagogical formation education certificate programs,
b) Field: The higher education program accepted on the decision of the Board of Education and Training 20.02.2014 and on the decision numbered 9, in addition to the undergraduate programs in the Journal of Notices dated 26 August 2014 and numbered 2683, and the undergraduate programs constituting the sources of teaching and the higher education programs abroad whose equivalence are accepted by YÖK,
c) Field Educator: S/he holds a PhD and/or associate professorship in the field of education and training (physics education, chemistry education, biology education, mathematics education, history education, religious education, etc.), and/or directed a thesis on education of the related field, and faculty members who made projects and made academic publications,
d) Field Faculty / School: The faculties/schools providing undergraduate education in the fields by the decision made by Ministry of National Education Board of Education and Training 20.02.2014 and by Decision No. 9, in addition to the ones in the Journal of Notices dated August 2014 and numbered 2683,
e) Department: Yeditepe University, Faculty or institute of Educational Sciences
f) Courses: The courses in the Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program,
g) Dean: Dean of Yeditepe University Faculty of Education
h) Faculty: Yeditepe University Faculty of Education,
i) Faculty Administrative Board: Yeditepe University, Faculty of Education Administrative Board,
j) Board / YÖK: Higher Education Council,
k) MoNE: Ministry of National Education,
l) Professional Knowledge Courses: All vocational courses that are common to the teaching profession in all teaching fields.
m) Board of Trustees: Yeditepe University Board of Trustees
n) Student: Students enrolled in Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program,
o) Program: Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program,
p) Chancellor: Chancellor of Yeditepe University,
q) Senate: Yeditepe University Senate,
r) BoTE: Board of Training and Education
s) University: Yeditepe University.


Application and Placement, Opening a Program, Courses and Duration
Application and Placement
ARTICLE 5- (1) Students who graduated from Yeditepe University or who are in the process of graduation can apply to the Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program (2) The students who apply are placed in the programs opened within the framework of the quota and the criteria (academic average, etc.) determined by Yeditepe University Senate, considering the physical facilities and capacity of human resources, the quality of education and training in terms of the areas opened.
(3) If the major or undergraduate program in which the student is attending or graduating is not included in the program, the student can apply to the program from his / her area of double major if he / she has done a double major program in a pedagogical formation education certificate program. If both the undergraduate and graduate programs of the student are included in the schedule prepared by BoTE, they can apply to the program by choosing one of the two programs.
(4) Applications to the program are made IN PERSON. Applications by mail, fax or cargo are not accepted. Applications from those who do not present valid identity cards will not be considered.
Required Documents for Pre-Registration:
a. Application for Registration
b. Student Certificate for Yeditepe University undergraduate students; original graduation certificate or certified copy of the diploma for the graduates (certified by the higher education program or the Pedagogical Formation Unit with the original declaration)
c. Certified Undergraduate Grade Status / Transcript Certificate for the Graduates: The transcripts of senior students at Yeditepe University must be approved by their advisors.
ç.Photocopy of Identity Card (along with its original)
d. Three passport photos
e. An approval of the equivalence of the grades in the system of 4 for the students whose diploma grade is according to the system of 100 will be taken from the universities they graduated from.
(f) The evaluation process of the applicants applying to the program is carried out according to the CGPA. According to this:
Program Admission
a. All applications are classified according to the existing undergraduate and graduate departments,
b. Students who have the right to register are determined by taking the undergraduate grade point average (according to the 4-point system) into consideration. Students whose CGPA is below 2.00 are not accepted to the relevant program. If the applicants have an equal grade point average, the candidate who is younger is given priority.
c. Each department will be ranked according to the grade point average within the department.
Documents Required for Final Admission in the Program
a- Bank receipt showing deposit of required fees
Opening a Program
ARTICLE 6- (1) Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program is opened in Yeditepe University Faculty of Education.
(2) Student quota for students and graduates of related undergraduate programs will be determined by the Board of Yeditepe University Faculty of Education and decided and implemented by the University Senate.
(3) Program opening areas and conditions are determined by the Board of Yeditepe University Faculty of Education and decided and implemented by the University Senate.
Courses and Program Duration
ARTICLE 7- (1) The courses in the Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program are given in Appendix-1 and Appendix-2 . In teaching professional knowledge courses common to all fields, students from different fields can study in the same branches. In courses specific to field education and training (Special Teaching Methods, Instructional Technologies and Material Design, Teaching Practice), branches can be formed according to the fields or by combining the nearby fields if needs be ,
(2) The training period of the pedagogical formation training program is at least two semesters. The courses are conducted in such a way that they can be completed in at least two semesters and completed in one academic year. A course that is not included in Appendix-1 and Appendix-2 cannot be opened in the program. In an intensive program, the duration of a semester cannot be less than seven weeks.
(3) Weekly theoretical and practical hours of courses, credit value, and distribution of courses for each term are determined following the principles determined by Higher Education Council. The codes of the pedagogical formation courses are determined by the Dean of the Faculty of Education The practicum course is carried out according to the principles and methods specified in the Directive of the General Directorate of Teacher Training of the Ministry of National Education dated 25.06.2018 in Teaching Institutions affiliated with the Ministry of National Education.
(4) Those who cannot complete pedagogical formation education during their undergraduate education may continue to these programs after their graduation.
(5) Students attending the Pedagogical Formation Program submit their grades for the courses they receive in the first 10 (ten) days after the date they are registered to the Pedagogical Formation Unit of Yeditepe University.


Units Responsible for Program Execution

Faculty Executive Committee
ARTICLE 8- (1) The Faculty Administrative Board is obliged to make decisions regarding the opening and implementation of the program and to fulfill the following requirements:
(2) In line with the recommendations of the Department of Educational Sciences considering the areas of expertise of the instructors, to ensure the appointment of qualified lecturers in the program,
(3) To carry out the procedures related to the contributions of the mentors and coordinators working in the schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Education together with the instructors and personnel to be assigned to the execution of the program,
(4) To ensure cooperation and coordination with the relevant units in the subjects of education and training and exams related to the program.
Pedagogical Formation Unit
ARTICLE 9- (1) Academic, administrative and financial affairs related to the program are carried out by the Pedagogical Formation Unit formed by the dean of the faculty. This unit, chaired by a deputy dean, consists of the head of the of educational sciences, an academician who has doctorate or associate professorship in educational sciences and/or teacher training. The head of the department of educational sciences will serve as the academic coordinator. Sufficient number of personnel is assigned for the secretariat of the unit.
The tasks of the unit are:
(a) To make the academic calendar and course descriptions to determine the application principles of the program, to monitor the applications, to develop strategies, and to evaluate the programs.
(b) To determine the schedules of the faculty members who will conduct the courses in cooperation with other units.
(c) To ensure that the program is carried out on a regular basis by establishing cooperation between the units and people concerned;
(ç) To prepare and implement examinations,
(d) To prepare a list of the schools and the students who will practice teaching under the Ministry of National Education,
(e) To identify advisors and mentors according to schools and student groups,
(f) To apply to the dean with the necessary documents to obtain the permissions of the governorship and Provincial Directorate of National Education for the applications.
(g) To perform other requirements to be assigned by the Dean's Office.


Attendance, Exemption, Graduation and Certificate
Attendance, Exemption, Graduation and Certificate
ARTICLE 10- (1) "Yeditepe University Associate and Undergraduate Education Regulations" related to the courses, education and examinations in the program, and "Disciplinary Regulations of Higher Education Institutions are applied in disciplinary matters.
(2) The requirements of Yeditepe University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education Regulations are applied in determining the attendance, examinations and grades. It is essential that students attend all sessions; however, legitimate absenteeism which does not exceed 20% of the courses can be accepted. Students who are deemed unsuccessful due to absenteeism are not entitled to final and make-up exams. Passing grade is “2.00” out of "4.00”.
(3) Those who meet the requirement of attendance from at least one course in a semester but fail to attend some other courses continue the program by depositing the tuition fee to be determined by the Institution in the following semester.
(4) Admitted students may apply for exemption from certain courses within the pedagogical formation education program by submitting it within the first 10 (ten) days following the date of registration. Students are not refunded for exempted courses.
(5) Those who teach in private education institutions or in schools affiliated with MoNE, but not less than one academic year, may be exempted from the Teaching Practice course. In addition, those who teach pedagogical formation courses in schools affiliated withMoNE, teach in private education institutions, or teach Quran Course under the Presidency of Religious Affairs may also be exempted from Teaching Practice course.
(6) For the students who donot succeeded in the program, the relevant provisions of "Yeditepe University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education Regulations" are applied. The students who do not have a ”2.00” grade point average are subject to article 37 of Yeditepe University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education Regulations.
(7) Enrollment in the program does not constitute a justification for the deferral military service of male students. Students who have been drafted before completing the program can continue their education in a higher education institution where the program is open if they apply within the first two years following their demobilization after military service.
(8) The courses, credits and success / failure status of the courses are shown in a separate transcript from the undergraduate program.
(9) Those who attend the program cannot benefit from other student rights except for their exam rights.
(10) Those who have been dismissed from the program for any reason and those who have left the program, will be given a grade report for the courses they have taken up to that day.
(11) In accordance with the provisions of "Yeditepe University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education Regulations", those who are successful in all courses in the program are entitled to receive "Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate".
(12) Certificate cannot be issued in more than one field based on the same pedagogical formation training.
(13) Undergraduate students enrolled in pedagogical formation certificate programs are considered to have transferred to the pedagogical formation training certificate program, if any, if they register to another higher education institution by transfer. For these students, the transfer requirements between undergraduate programs are applied. This provision also applies to student exchange programs.
(14) In the pedagogical formation certificate programs opened for students attending undergraduate programs, the provisions in the cooperation protocols between institutions and units shall be applied if some of the theoretical courses included in the program are offered through distance education and open education.
(15) Students who have not successfully completed the Certificate Program within the maximum period shall be dismissed from the program.


Tuition Fee
Tuition Fee
ARTICLE 11- (1) The fees to be collected from the students who are enrolled in the program, according to Article 46 of Law No. 2547 and Article 7 of Law No. 3843, dated 19.11.1992, are published in the Official Newspaper every year and in the related academic year, the student will be charged Tuition Fees to be Taken from Second Education in Higher Education Institutions determined by the Council of Ministers on Determination of Contribution Fees and Second Education Fees to be taken as Contribution, up to two times of the Second Education Fee determined for Faculties of Education (II). It is determined by the recommendation of the Faculty Administrative Board and the approval of the Board of Trustees.
(2) Tuition fee is paid in two equal installments. The first installment is paid during the registration and the second installment is paid during the registration of the second semester.
(3) The fees to be paid by the students enrolled in the undergraduate programs for the certificate program are calculated according to the share of the credits of the courses they will take in the related semester within the total credit.
(4) Tuition fees are calculated according to the share of the credits of the courses to be repeated in the total credit.
(5) Those who stop their education except for just and valid reasons, and those who are unsuccessful in all courses in one or more semesters and are deemed unsuccessful shall re-invest the tuition fee per course in the following semesters and continue the program.


Miscellaneous and Final Provisions
Implementation of the Directive
ARTICLE 12- (1) Proposals for the solution of problems that may arise during the implementation of this Directive are determined by the Board of the Faculty of Education at Yeditepe University and implemented after being approved by the Senate of the Yeditepe University.
No Provisions in the Directive
ARTICLE 13- (1) In the absence of provisions in this Directive, the provisions of other relevant legislation shall apply.
ARTICLE 14- (1) This Directive entered into force on the date of acceptance by the Senate of Yeditepe University.
ARTICLE 15 - (1) The provisions of this Directive are executed by the Rector of Yeditepe University.