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We take pride in hosting the Higher Education Session on Fostering IB Recognition in Türkiye with various rectors, academics, administrators, and esteemed participants from all over the world at Yeditepe University. We express our gratitude to all our distinguished guests for honoring our event, including:
Prof. Dr. Mahmut AK: Executive Board Member of the Higher Education Council #YÖK
Bedrettin DALAN: Founder & Honorary Chairman of the İSTEK Foundation & Yeditepe University
Prof. Dr. Canan AYKUT BİNGÖL: Rector of Yeditepe University
Prof. Dr. Orhan ARIKAN: #BilkentUniversity, Turkish Representative on the IB AEM University Advisory Group
Dina KHALAF: IB Development & Recognition Manager
Paul TEULON: IB Head of Global Recognition & Product Strategy
Dr. Nicole BİEN: IB Chief Schools Officer
Prof. Dr. Yelkin DİKER COŞKUN: Dean of Yeditepe University Faculty of Education
Zafer Öztürk: President of the Board of Directors of the Private Schools Association in Türkiye
Jale Onur: Assistant Professor & IB Recognition Ambassador & Educational
Deniz Eralp: Founder Representative & Branch Manager of ISTEK Antalya Schools, ISTEK Schools Advisor to the Chairman of the Board
All academics and administrators from #İSTEKSCHOOLS #TÖZOK #IB #YeditepeUniversity